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Welcome to Elliott Oaks Remodeling in Northern Virginia

Bath remodeling constructionNow that you have decided to remodel your kitchen or bath, and have selected cabinetry, fixtures, materials, and signed a contract for the construction, you have to live through the construction.

Before you can enjoy your new kitchen or bathroom, you need to prepare for the work to begin. With a little pre-planning and organization, you can rest assured that you have done all you can do to ensure that the project runs smoothly. Here are a few pre-construction remodeling tips.

  • Discuss with your contractor daily work schedules and coordinate with him where and how tools and materials will be stored on site. Keep in mind that material deliveries have to have space to be stored for a short while during installation and that this may require clearing out a space in the garage, basement, dining room or a spare bedroom.
  • home remodeling contractorsDecide with your contractor how workers will enter and exit your home, what entrances to use and if you have any pets on site. If you do have pets, make arrangements to secure them during the day while workers are on site. This may be a good time for Fido or Kitty to take a short vacation or visit day care.
  • Remove any items around the delivery entrances such as potted plants, entry tables, pictures/breakables and store them away from the construction areas. This will ensure that the workers have plenty of room to enter and leave the project without bumping anything and will allow work to proceed more efficiently.
  • Much of the stress of a Kitchen remodel can be avoided by setting up a temporary kitchen elsewhere in the home. Pick a spot like the laundry room, basement family room or a bedroom. We can move your refrigerator and microwave to your new mini kitchen area for you to use until your new kitchen is delivered.
  • kitchen remodeling tipsStock the refrigerator with your favorite snacks, frozen dinners, drinks, etc. Most often used utensils like a can opener, toaster, coffee maker, sharp knives, etc should be stored in the new mini kitchen as well.
  • Most kitchen remodels take several weeks to complete. Take out food, plastic plates and forks can get old during the process. Try doing some cooking before your project begins and freeze your favorite items to eat while your kitchen is under construction. This will make you feel better and don’t forget to call on friends and family for dinners. Time will fly if you can keep you and your family fed and entertained while your new kitchen becomes a reality.